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Architect Kraków Klaudia Sobocińska




Co-founder of the Architect Krakow group.A graduate of the Krakow University of Technology - Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning.

Architect-engineer with twenty years of professional experience in construction and interior design.

He specializes in designing single-family residential,multi-family, commercial and office buildings.

2000 - Grand Prix 8th MBA in the team.

2001 - award of the Mayor of Krakow.

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He specializes in interior design and arrangement, architectural concepts and land development. Interior Designer. with twenty years of experience...

Studies at the Faculty of Architecture of the Krakow University of Technology

Interior designer in Warsaw and throughout the country.

Architect Krakow
Good Architect Krakow Team


We are a team of architects from Krakow and beyond. As a group of industry professionals, we design custom-made houses, commercial and public buildings in major cities around Poland. A good architect, combining program, aesthetic, technological and economic requirements of the investment, strives to create architecture that is sensitive to human needs, environmental conditions as well as the urban and historical context.
In our Architect Krakow team, we believe in the interdisciplinary philosophy of architecture. Grupa Architekt Warszawa is a full team of experts and consultants, integrating architecture, engineering, cost consulting, urban planning and interior design of facilities throughout the country as part of one design team to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.

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